2008 CRF450R manual decompression, what?!

I'm buying an 08 CRF450R tomorrow and when I asked the guy if it starts easily he said it does but you need to make sure to use the decompression. What could he mean by this? I thought they had automatic decomp? He also mentioned he put in a new spark plug...Why the hell would he need to do that when the bike is like brand new?

LOL I talked to the guy and he was confusing the hot-start with a manual decomp.

The reason I wonder about the spark plug is, before committing to buying the bike I did some research and came across this thread:


This guy is running race fuel with a high compression piston on a highly modded bike so possibly that is his problem but I don't know enough about that to say for sure. I'm just hoping that my bike doesn't have the same problem because it just seems odd to replace a spark plug on a bike with 5 hours. Should I be worried?

I'm thinking I should be fine I mean what are the chances...the main purpose of this post was to find out about the decomp. So I guess this thread could be deleted...or kept for the humour of it :smirk:

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so your buying a bike with known issues..

No, sorry let me go back and re-word that so it makes more sense.

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