Enduro Alaska on the Iditarod Trail

Sorry if this reminds you of your miserable winter, but I kinda like the snow.


Mr. BigWheel

Edited by 640AK

I get a weird link there, mr Bigwheel... Will try later.

so do I

This might work.... No thanks required Mr Bigwheel, I stand in awe at your mad moviemakin' skills...

"Crank up the volume and prepare for a blast of mediocrity."


I liked it...


Ok. I guess I done just ain't not so very smart.

After ten or twelve tries, I got the blue link to work on the first post.

This interweb stuff is so confolisticated.


Mr. BigWheel

genius! the commercial break part had me rolling on the floor!

I love your videos!!:ride: Keep 'em coming!:lol:

Man I love your video's. Always puts a smile on my face. Keep em comming.

Another awesome vid.

On another note, since your vids are so awesome, my buddy was inspired. He went out and bought a big wheel. its his first offroad bike.

Here is his maiden voyage.

Enduro Alaska! Infuluncing Lives!!!!!!!!

That wasn't very nice to laugh at him when he fell over. Ha ha. Does he like it?

Another fantastic video from Alaska!!!!

Those BW350's are hard to come by. There was a 1987 one on Ebay back in April that looked like it just came out of the crate.

How hard is it to find parts for that thing?

That wasn't very nice to laugh at him when he fell over. Ha ha. Does he like it?

haha how could you not laugh at a crash like that. It was so slow and took for ever haha.

yeah he loves it.

I am as equally impressed with the latest Enduro Alaska vid (which was awesome) as I am with the custom MX light on the front fender of the bike in dpolloc's video (also awesome).

Thanks for watching guys.


The whole purpose for Enduro Alaska is to change the world. If we generate enough interest in BigWheels, the manufacturers will begin to reinvest in the technology and restart production. Then KTM won't be the only manufacturer campaigning a 350 in the Supercross class.

Your friend is an important step in that progression and will probably be standing on the podium someday next to Andrew Short and whomever replaces Mike Alessi.


Mr. BigWheel

Two thumbs up!!! ;-) Brilliant videos thanks

Thanks for watching Gayton,

That's how we ride: two thumbs up.

I won't mention where they go, however.


Mr. BigWheel

"How hard is it to find parts for that thing?"


Some parts are out of production.

Some parts are very rare.

Some, you have to find on ebay.

And some make finding an original Featherbed frame with an unmolested Norton motor seem like a pedestrian find.

But truth be told, most of the parts were reruns from the previous generation (meaning late 70s and early 80s) aircooled motorcycles and low grade Yamaha three wheelers.

These bikes are the 57 Chevy Bellaire of motorcycles. There is nothing that you can do to them that doesn't improve their performance.


Mr. BigWheel

And you guys reckon we are crazy, it's not even snow your riding in it's closer to ice!!!!! Nuts the lot of you. Love the shot of the plane awesome.

You guys are crazy.

You ride upside down compared to us.

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