1986 ktm 250

I am new to the KTM world but yesterday i picked up a 86 KTM 250. Not having any knowledge on the bike i found out they have bad ignition systems after i brought the bike home and sure enough this one has trouble, No spark at all. What can i replace the ignition system with?

Also what years in these bikes are the parts interchangeable with??

Any online manuals or parts fiche for this?

Any help with this bike would be greatly appreciated

You might look for a MotoPlat ignition for that bike.. I had an 84 495 and ended up putting a MotoPlat in it..

I'll check around see if i can get one. What bikes does that come off? I heard of ones from a 83 250 or a RM 250 will fit. but again not sure what i am looking for to find the one that will work

Uh MotoPlat is made by MotoPlat.. Not sure if they are stilla round.. Try google..

Do they come off a certain bike? I'm un-aware of what i am looking for unless its original equipment. Maybe a ebay link for something i should be looking for.

Thanks again for any help

Found a ignition system. Is there anyway to decode the engine model number? Mine says 7-545*02247* just wondering what it all means


you could use a PVL ignition system, which is a racing kart system, used on KTM type 544/545 engines. ( have one fitted to my own bike )

View picture at the following link, copy & paste into browser


The 544 engine code is a 1985/86 bike, the 545 engine code is a 1986/87 bike, this engine has a power valve, unless some one has mounted a later engine in a earlier chassis.

the chassis number is on the headstock, if you confirm this number, i will tell you what year the chassis is.

I have a Original Ktm manual which covers the 1986/87 model ( type 545 engine )

which I could sell to you.

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