Newbie needs 4t help!

Ok so, first off i've had a 2 stroke 4 like six months now and i'm posotive i want a 4stroke. (not because i'm scared... i do alot of trail riding and foul alot of plugs), so are therev any weird things to look for when buying a 4t? do you have to rebuild a ttr 125's engine as much as i rebuilt my kx 60? (every 60 hours)basically anything about 4t's that you could tell me will be help! thx!

Assuming the TTR is new and you take care of it (clean and install the airfilter properly, change the oil all the time, do not ride it like a YZ, do all the regular maintenance its needs) it should never need the engine opened until you are 25. You abuse it, you could have to redo it in a week.

If its anything like our TTR250, you are not looking at a lot of maintenance beyond just routine stuff as mentioned---oil changes, general lubrication points, checking cables, cleaning air filter, making sure bolts stay tightened.

Ok cool thx I always love how nice everyone is here. And by do not ride like a yz what you mean? I wanna open up the throttle every now and then maybe race my cuzins on our backyard track.:ride: Oh and the regular maintenance I do now on my kx and won't be a problem.

And by do not ride like a yz what you mean?

I think he means keeping it at high rpm, at peak horsepower, all the time. You can get aggressive, but don't turn it into abuse.

How long does a car last?

Who knows? Millions of variables.

Same thing with 4t/2t. You can have one that does 25k and you never open it up. And you can have one that does 500 miles and you need to shim the valves.

Buy a good one, keep up on the maint, and don't overly abuse it and it will last longer than any 2t.

(i do alot of trail riding and foul alot of plugs)

That means you need to become familiar with jetting your bike properly.

TTR's are not meant to do 90' triples. Racing your cousins on the backyard track is fine. Running flat out in 5th from time to time is fine. Do not speed shift. Use the the clutch every gear change.

A TTR is a fun play bike, not a serious race bike. Ride to have fun, not to go pro on. I think you will be very happy with it provided you take care of it. I should probably have a TTR instead of my WR!

I'd be looking for a ~200CC thumper. Seems like all of the 200 size bikes make GREAT trail machines with their mix of power and weight. Plus they're bigger bikes, so they fit better, rather than being cramped on a small bike.

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