00' rear brake resv. cracked

I have seen where others have had the same issue, and is most likely caused by heat from the exhaust pipe.

I have found a replacement reservoir from an online site and they replied back stating that a Master cylinder from an 06-08 YZ250/450F should fit and has the reservoir built into the master cylinder.

Has anyone done this or heard of it?

Also has anyone made a simple heat shield to protect the factory one from the excess heat?


Yes the newer setup will bolt on.

I stayed with my '01 setup and used an old Harley pipe heat shield and cut a piece off to fit that still had the clamp on it and so far no problems.

search, there's a lot of info...

Can't speak for fitment but my 04 450F rear master cylinder has the resv. built into the cylinder complete with a window.

the 03-06 rear master brake has internal resv. and its bolt on i have done itn with my 99'

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