08 kx250f motor mount on frame cracked?!?!?

So I was getting ready to drain the oil in my bike and when I went to take the skid plate off I noticed my left motor mount was cracked half of the way threw!:smirk: I was wondering if I can weld it and be fine or do I need a new frame? I also am aware that you need a aluminum welder for this as well. The crack looks like it is Going straight threw the bolt hole and that's what scared me about if it was even okay to weld there.

I will post pictures tomorrow of what I am working with. Any advice would be helpful or if you had this same problem how did you fix it.

Thanks nick

i would personally not even attempt to weld it . i mean it could be a temporary fix but the frame is built for stability , and that could cause weakness leading to more damage or injury . just my 2 cents


heres the picture of it..


heres the picture of it..

id probably take it to a shop and see what they say . but if it was me personally id buy a new frame , no one can tell you how much that can weaken the frame .

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