I need a brain refresh on how to adjust the idle.

Okay, so this actually pertains to a Honda 2-stroke ATV, but the ATV section looks pretty dead so I figured I would get more help here.

So here's the story. Last year I inherited a 1986 Honda TRX250r. For some reason it wouldn't start when I got it and it's been sitting under tarp for the last year because I didn't know what to do. I knew the problem was the ignition because it wasn't getting a spark at all. Well today I took some really silly and simple advice someone gave me, and bang it started first kick.

But it's dying shortly after I stop giving it throttle. But since I've unfortunately been out of the riding scene for a while now, I've forgotten how to adjust the idle.

The quad was originally in NV, but then when I inherited it I brought it to UT. it's only like a 500' elevation change, but could that be causing my idles problems?

Anyway, can someone refresh me on how to adjust the idle? I really can't remember how to properly do it.

Also, the gas has been sitting in it for over a year now, so tomorrow I'm going to drain it and mix some new. But I cleaned the carb just a week ago.



I am not sure which carb those have, but I think the idle should be the choke knob. It may not be a bad idea to pull the carb and give it a good cleaning making sure all jet passages are cleaned or even replace the jets.

Sweet, it was the choke knob. Thanks guys.

This thing is running beautifully even after its 1+ year dormancy and the old old gas.

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