I'm an idiot, spark plug socket stuck. Help!

So long story short, I was using my crappy socket set to take out my spark plug, and the socket came free of the extension and now the socket is seated all the way down on top of the socket and there is no way to get the extension back on. Ideas? I'm about to get a magnet on a stick but not sure that is the answer. Maybe I'll get my 6'7 room mate to just pick the bike up over his head and flip it over. haha oh man, have not even got the valve cover off yet and already blew it!!

craftsman makes or used to make an extension that would lock on to the socket and had a little thumb release on the side...if you could find one of those...

i just seen where you CANT get it back on sorry...try the magnet

Can you get needle nose pliers in there?

Remove the valve cover.

Whoop! there it is!

removing the valve cover doesnt make it that much easier...

a good magnet should work.

or a 1" extension bar will fit & give you something to hold - as long as it's not an odd length socket.

magnet on a stick they sell at autopart stores.

Magnet will get it done in about 2 seconds :smirk:

Perhaps a piece of coat hanger with a small L bend at the end to hook into the end of socket, though I agree needle nose would be my first reach.

tried a magnet on a stick, did nothing. that 17mm socket is in there so tight I don't think anything is going to get it out!!! I don't know how to explain it, but the socket is sitting completely down on the spark plug and there is that square hole in the top of the socket, so the top of the spark plug is poking up about 1/4-1/2 an inch through the socket making attaching anything to the socket impossible. I am seriously considering flipping the whole bike upside down and trying to shake it out. I have run out of ideas...anyone?? magnet did nothing, no clearance to get pliers or anything else down in there. Im afraid I am shit outta luck, but there must be sooome solution!!!

The valve cover will not come off without taking the spark plug out will it??

Long needle nose pliers. I don't think a magnet will be strong enough to pull it out.

First, use a spark plug socket and not a regular socket next time.

use a coat hanger and get it out, or a strong magnet.

mine came undone from my extension and I had to VERY carefully wiggle it out once I put the extension back on (i used one that had a better detent, the rubber was holding it down.

if all else fails, get an extension, some 5min JB weld, and glue the extension to the socket...

the regular JB weld takes too damn long to solidify.


maybe I need to post a pic, Im tellin ya there is no possible way anything will attach to the socket every again. The spark plug is sticking up through the socket. If I try and shove the extension back down there it just hits the top of the spark plug and does not help me at all!!!

there is zero clearence between the walls and the spark plug, thats why the extension came off when I tried to pull it back up, I did not even break the spark plug loose at all!! It is just too tight. I think I am going to have to turn the bike completly upside down and then try and use my magnet to try and shake it loose. This SUCKS!! I feel like an idiot!!

here is the best pic I could take...


Just put a ring of double sided tape on another socket about the same size (upside down) and press down on it, it should stick enough to extract it.

haha yuup, just did that for about 20 mins, kept getting it soooo close then it would hang up!!! I finally had to do this + the double sided tape method + a bent coat hanger to finally pull it out!! God I am dumb, never taking short cuts as far as a spark plug socket again!!!


THREAD CLOSED...thanks guys haha

im pretty sure a 5/8 socket fits it good for furture reference...

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