Lowering Seat Height of 99YZ400F

Looking to lower the overall seat height of my YZ400F. Initial thoughts are to spin the mono shock preload nuts up to the top and compensate for the now softer spring rate with a few clicks. Is there any aftermarket products that are available for lowering the seat height? Any thoughts?

I have a buddy/Tuner that modifies the shock & Fork for shorter riders. His name is Mark Klein. You can email him at mxtuner@mindspring.com

He does top notch quality work

I've heard about people shaving the seat foam to make it lower. I would imagine this would be a trade of for comfort but it seems like it would be effective.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

This question depends on how much you're willing to spend to touch the ground. Softer seat foam will help. Adjusting your shock is a bad idea. I have an 18" rear wheel, it feels much, much lower. It is probably about 4" to 6" lower. I know this is drastic but helps alot.

Are you sure you're already full grown? How old are you? Perhaps you'll hit another growth spurt and you'll be tall enough to touch the ground. I know it sounds sarcastic but I'm serious.

I had the same problem but did not want to loose suspension travel. Use an electric carving knife on the seat ,works great no loss in comfort. You can also slot the lower mounting holes in the subframe. I have done both & its all you need, cost $0.

Whorry cow. You so funny. You make me raugh, rong time. :)

where are you going to get that aftermarket seat? I know your suppose to stand the whole time but my ass fells like Clinton got done with it...Not that I minded all that much as you must serve your country..

Hold up there Slowrider. That's more information than I needed to hear... :)

Slowrider – Factory Effex makes real good tall seat foam, nice and cushy. Don’t know how I ever lived without it, in addition to being more comfortable it mitigates fatigue in long races because it gives your ass a whole lot more to hang on to, saving arm strength. For me, anyway.

ThumperDad – Ever consider chopping your subframe? A guy named Taffy who lurks on the WR side has, you may want to post there under that topic. I think he took over an inch off his seat height w/out the modifications getting too involved.

18 inch wheels are great if you like fatter tires but they will not lower the ride height, because all 18 inch tires I’ve seen are 100 series.

110/90-19 has a (calculated) diameter of 26 3/4 “

110/100-18 has a (calculated) diameter of 26 2/3“

What are you guys on? You're using the words "YZ seat" and "comfort" in the same sentence. There is no relationship between the two. Sooner or later I'm going with the aftermarket soft seatfoam, it should serve two purposes - help me reach the groung and aid my sore buns!

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