2010 yz450f seized

Brand new bike less than 6 hrs on it. So far it has sucked in water through the breather hose blew a clutch and now I think its seized. :smirk:

I understand how to deal with the breather hose.

I suspect the clutch was installed wrong from the factory when we pulled the burnt clutch the bolts were loose and it seemed to not be working right when I was riding... It didn't seem to want to go into first a few times. The first time it gave out we tightened the cable and it started working... rode for a bit... hit a log hidden in the mud in 2nd gear... stopped dead... wrapped my manhood around the gas cap... shortly after that the clutch gave out completely. Painfully doubled out on the back of my buddies KTM.

I put a new clutch in carefully following all the directions. Started cleaning out the milky oil. by running clean oil through. I ran the bike for a few min to heat up the oil a bit. While in 5th gear at mid to low rpm the engine misfired a bit and seized up.

If I put the bike in gear pull back on it I can get one kick and it stiffens up completely. I can put all my weight on it and it wont turn over until I pull it back in gear again.

Pulled the plug it is a bit white/grey on the top.

Kicked it with no plug no gas came out or anything odd.

My friend that was with us on the exact same bike seized his up to. The next day it kicked over so we changed the oul a bunch and its running fine so far.

I need some advice... I would like to avoid the shop since I spent all my money on the bike.


What a bummer! Did you buy the bike new? Clutch was never apart? I love all my Yamaha clutches.

I would love to have a YZ 2010+ one day - what is the deal with the breather hose?

I thought they only blew and never sucked.

With oil/water contamination, you might well have got away with a light piston/bore seizure. Get in there and hope for the best.

geez did you both go river/creek crossing with YZFs?

they do sux up water/dirt if they are submerged.

Big no no....even on WRs

you must modify/reroute the breather hoses if you plan on water crossings

Never ever park these in water over the breather hose - and never kick start one in water

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