79 yz 400 cluth

I have a 79 yz 400. Pulled the clutch apart making sure it all is working. I went to adjust the throw-out screw and noticed that the nut used to keep it from backing out is rubbing the case was wondering where I could get the right one, or what the proper one looks like so I can try and find a possible replacement. thanks I know its old but it still runs like a champ and its always fun to watch my friends try and ride it!:smirk:

Pn is 95317-08700-00. I think it just a standard 8mm nut. Needs a lock washer and washer as well.

It shouldn't be able to reach the case. Something else is wrong if it does. Warped plates combined with excessively tight clutch cable might do this.

I had one of these, it was a great bike.

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