Front Wheel Bearings

So.. was washing the bike earlier and noticed that if you grabbed the top of the front tire and pulled it side to side there was a bit more play than I would expect. Is this normal or are the bearings on the way out? I expect they need replacing along with some others in the suspension most likely but wanted to get some other thoughts before I started ordering parts.

I can measure the exact amount tomorrow but I'd guess it was half an inch of play side to side.


yes, if the axle isn't loose, then the bearings definitley need replacement.

I have seen quite a few front wheel bearings with excessive movement on the 2010 and 2011 yz450f and yz250f so far, Best to get those replaced.

yes it sounds like the bearings are wasted

Thanks for the replies guys.. I went ahead and ordered a bearing/seal kit for front and rear. They're pretty cheap and I'm pulling the rear wheel off anyways to replace the sprocket, so I might as well change them out.

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