Reshimmed Valves - Higher compression?

On my E kicker I recently redid the valve clearances.

The initial clearances were:

In: <0.05 & <0.05

Ex: 0.15 & 0.20

After replacing the shims they're now at

In: 0.12 & 0.10

Ex: 0.35 & 0.35

My digital caliper mustn't have been accurate enough when I meaured the original exhaust shims (couldn't see any numbers stamped on them) and so the exhaust valve clearances are 0.1mm over the OEM optimum range (which is 0.2-0.3)

My problem is the bike now has higher compression and is now a lot harder to kickstart when it's warm, it looks like I might have to reinstall my hot start lever.

If I redo the clearances and bring the exhaust clearances down 0.25 will this reduce the compression?

Before did the reshim my bike was very easy to kick over.

The only way you would reduce compression is if a valve is being held open (no clearance) NOT good, when I had kicker thumpers I played with the idle mixture and idle speed to get the best starting I could.

It doesn't change compression, it is holding the valves closed longer.

I have seemed to work out that if I treat it like an old XR600 :ride: and click it to TDC before I kick it over, it usually starts first time.

It's just strange the amount of kickback I have now compared to before the reshim. I think I'll redo the clearances closer to OEM spec next week when I have some spare time.

I also have a kicker -not E- . Suzuki put a hot start button on these bikes for a reason. It works. My bike, when she gets good and hot, is damn hard to kick over without the hot start, and I have a virtually brand new top end (new valves, springs, seals, etc..) I use the hot start so much I invested in a handlebar mount hot start from yoshimura. Zip Ty also offers one for the DRZ. much better in that I don't have to reach down near the carb to mess with it.

I can't reinstall my standard button in the original place as I have my Stebel airhorn there. $50 is expensive for the handlebar switch (especially since it'll be $70-80 after postage from USA) so I might look at relocating my standard button to the handebars instead. It looks pretty straightforward, all it will need is a bracket and a filter for the inlet hose.

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