Cr 80 issues

hey guys.

I need you help to figure out what is going on with my 1982 honda cr 80 what will happen is i will ride it for a nice 30 minutes and then sudenly it will just die on me. i wont be able to start it agian for about 15 mins and when i do it will happen all over agian but a thing i have noticed if i am running with the bike and drop the clutch (to push start) it will kinda run for when i am running with it but i will die.

I have ruled out theese things: i will take the spark plug out straight after and replace it in less than a minute and it still wont start,i have got the air screw factory default, cleaned out the carb (IS IS REALLY CLEAN),fresh fuel and yeh that is about it

oh and if ride the bike around a little bit and i mean like 2 mins after that it dosent like to idle

please help is appreciated:thumbsup:

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