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OK so here it goes I havent been ridding lately but let my friend run my bike(05) every week since feb. well its time for a new cam chain I did the valves and rest of top end 48 hours ago.when the cam chain got put in I had a wiseco cam chain put in and it has stretched to point where the its at the end of its adjustment. I have had the head of and checked the valves bore cylinder for flaking and the checked the bottom end replaced bearing seals and gaskets while I was at it.I put everything back together besides the cam chain. Im wanting to know now is the difference between the 07-08 model and the 05-06 model cam chain? I see cam chains that say there for 05-09 others that are just 05-06 then the 07-08 ones. Is the 07-08 cam chain the same as the 05. ybn has them different. wiseco has them the same for 05-09 and then again they have them just as 05-06 and 07-08. sgp or oem has them the same for 05-09 aslo.The big difference is price oem being 85 wiseco 60 ybn 30. I have heard go things about ybn but if is just 07-08 models then looks like Im getting different brand.

Just checking oem, they all have the same part # so I would say it would be ok to get any chain. Well, I'm not sure I would go with the $30 one. Why is it so cheap? Lower grade material? Wear out faster? I would go with at least middle of the line parts. (wiseco) I don't know why, but a lot of companies change numbers on their parts, like oem, even though it's the same part.

thanks for the help sorry fort he delay btw but have been having pc problems. the 30 buck is a ybn cam chain it comes with a warranty for 3 yrs. if exceeds wear limits or breaks the they will replace any damaged parts. At least that's what the site I got it off of said. The cam chain was so cheap because the guy ordered 500 of them and hasn't been selling. Wants them out of his stock. I have used the wiseco cam chain before that's whats currently in it and at 48 hours of ride time it has exceeded its wear limit. This is the 3rd time The cam chain will be replaced. The oem one had very little wear on it when i did the top end but as we all know you should replace the cam chain and guides when you do a top and so that's why I got the wiseco one. Now I have heard several good things about ybn when it comes to motorcycle parts. I know they good parts when it comes to cars also.

They will give a warranty that covers other broken parts? Sounds too good to be true if you ask me. I could see a shop warranting their work, but a company warranting parts they have no control over? I guess if you can get it in writing you would be good. Where are you getting it from, maybe I'll check into it too?

got it from atv and mx ultimate a small shop, the owner said he will cover the parts ybn covers only the cam chain and cams encase of malfunction. did get in guess would be contract with mine and shops name cost 30 bucks more, more or less good deal for 75 installed with warranty. guy trust parts and his work alot. hope he sticks around only been in town for a month.

Only covers cam chain and cams if malfunction? What about the valves that will break/bend and the piston that will be damaged by the valves? And the head that will be damaged if the valve head breaks off? And possible case breakage? Not trying to knock the company warranty, but it sounds like lipstick on a pig to me. If the cam chain breaks, chances are the cams will be fine so there is no cost to them there, and just replacing the chain would be a write off. Sorry, but I don't consider that much of a warranty. Not to say that anybody else offers anything better warranty wise, but I would go with something tested and trusted. I never heard of ybn so I may be sticking my foot in my mouth, but wiseco, moose, and oem are the ones I would trust. Just my opinion though so don't everybody jump on me!

To tell the truth I have used ybn before In most sbc build I do. Instead of using the comp cams chain kit. Ybn has always held up for me when used on 500+ bhp motors. When they started making them for bikes I had ones installed in 440ex 300ex and a raptor 660r all have held up fine for the last 4 -7 years. The warranty from the shop doesn't mean to much to me as it is an up and coming shop so may not last long but The guy did do a legal contract for work provide and since he had stated " all damages done by product ________malfunction after installation of product__________ shall be warranted by atv and mx ultimate" I think that means something. Wiseco has not performed for me the way I wanted. With 48 hours on the cam chain installed that is wiseco it has stretched past the point of use. Took out the adjuster and it was all the way out. The chain had some slack still even with adjuster in. With the oem cam chain it had 60-65 hours with very little stretch. needless to say 3rd cam chain and guides on a bike with 110 hours and one rebuild 48 hours ago.

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