super motor tire

I have a 2006 Xtreme pro stock 125cc looking to go to super moto tires i have the 14/12 set up and finding the rear tire is easy where can i find a 14inch super moto tire

The selection for 14" street or scooter tires is limited, you might be better off looking for a 12" front wheel assembly and run a matched set of 12" tires front and rear. A much broader range of tires to choose from in the 12" sizes.

well does anyone know the conversion from metric to standard on the tire size..its a 2.75 could i get away with any 14 inch tire not looking to race just for parking lot pimpin lol need it more for stuntin

2.75" equals 69.85mm, scroll down to the bottom of THIS PAGE and click on the SR208 to see a picture of the tire.

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