subframe for 03 kx250

hey guys, ive been looking and looking and cant find anything. I broke both brackets holding my silencer on the subframe and look to weld them but want to get a new used one for a decent price. Any body know of any or what other year bike might a subframe fit my 03?

You can try an 04 but there were alot of one-year-only stuff on the 03 & 04 bikes. It would be faster and cheaper to have that one repaired.

The AC Racing subframe that I just bought for my 07 says it fits 03-07. The kawasaki part numbers are different though for those years. Not sure what the difference is but they must be close if the AC Racing subframe fits all of them.



Silencer mounts on the 03 are weak, one's just a spot tack. I had mine re-done a couple weeks ago, much better now and spent a whole $20

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