NO SPARK! 1981 Honda SL185

Hey guys. Im an '83 XL 600 owner and my neighbors got an old SL 185 i told him i would help him get it running but im not farmiliar with this model. he has had it stored for a long time and it ran when stored. I have realized that it has No SPARK!!?

Any ideas what the problem might be? Thanks for the help!

In 83 I believe it had already gone to Cdi. Check the simple stuff first! Put a new plug it, make sure the plug cap is making a good connection, check your ground. If all of these are good we can go from there! Good luck!

his bike is an 81'. I will check these and get back to ya. Thanks alot!

Well thats embarrassing.! your right. she is an XL185. Today i had a chance to personally check the bike out. Its in amazing condition. with 1400 miles on it!

We put in a new plug and grounded it against the motor while kicking there was NO SPARK in the plug gap. it has a new battery and appears to be very clean. when checking the blinkers and lights i noticed the right blinker didnt blink, rather stayed solidly lit. However this is probably unrelated to our problem... What should we check now? im not sure how to check the ground either... thanks!

How do I find the ground on this 1981 XL 185???

did u check the points and test the condencer probaly the problem deffinatly check your points gap

nice bikes but simple ignition systems get them wet,hrs,gets tricky at times.

OK i will check the points and figure out where the ground is. do you think the manual for my 1983 XL600(RFVC engine) will be of much use in finding out how to do these tasks. ?

Any tips on where to access the points

Click the link, there are blow-up diagrams and parts numbers for virtually every part on the bike down to the last nut and bolt:

The bike does not use points, it's a CDI. The stator and pulse generator is behind the left engine cover.


Thanks for the help!

These diagrams are GOLD!!!!

any tips for what a bad system will look like once we open it up tommorow. will i see corrosion or visibly be able to notice a problem or will it need to be tested?

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