Master cylinder failure?

my 2009 150 hour KTM xcw 300 rear master cylinder doesn't hold pressure.

I can't see any leaks.

the rotor doesn't have a noticeable warp.

Pads good.

I just flushed and bleed the brakes both manually and with a hand pump vaccum bleeder.

The pedal still bottoms out.

Is the master cylinder shot?

Is this common on the KTM?

What do you mean by 'bottoms out'? Do the brakes work? Does it build pressure and then bleed off? Builds no pressure at all?

As your pads wear the peddle will need more travel (be lower) for 'full brake'. When this happens you can adjust the pedal height some by adjusting the bolt that is around behind the peddle pivot area. By raising the peddle you also raise the 'full brake' point back to where you are probably used to it being.

If you had pressure and lost it, it probably just needs a rebuild kit. Pretty straight forward, not hard to do.

Thanks I ordered a rebuild kit

Yep.....real common wear item on these bikes.


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