Tire Plugs

Would you dare run a street tire with a plug? The tire is a 130/100 and the plug is in about 1.5-2" from the edge of the tread.

nope nore would i dare run one in my car tire either those are BS temp fixes. if i had no choice i do it though like an adventure ride in mexico...


I've run both plugs and patches on my cars and bikes. No issues as long as the hole is in/near the center.

my other thought is to pull the plug and use a tube.

I find no issues with patches but plugs are temp. and if it gets you somewhere to get it fixed use it. Most shops wont patch bike tires though as of the liability being only one front and one rear tire on bikes. Another option is to use a tube as well its up to 2 lbs heavier but most of us sumo guys use them no issues.


I always said Id never use one on a bike. Ive used em on cars a million times for tens of thousands of miles and never had a leak or issue. Last summer I got a nail in the rear tire of my harley. Brand new tire, less that 50 miles on it and it set me back almost $280. So, being kinda po', I plugged it. It held up fine and never leaked or failed for the next 9,000 miles or so until it was time to replace the tire. So, if the tire was older I would just replace the tire, but if its an expensive tire, and theres plenty of tread life left on it, Im pluggin it and riding. Patching from the inside would probably be better, but I cant just pop tires on and off of a Harley as easily as Id like to. Also, not to pat myself on the back, but I think I am a good enough rider with enough experience on and off road, that, if I ever got a rear blow out, Id be able to keep the bike up until I got on the shoulder. Front wheel is a whole other story, dont think Id take the chance with the front.

I dont think I will use the tire with the plug. It was a near new tire at the junkyard for $20. Anyhow I'll either get one of the other, not as new tires or break down and buy new!

I am going to use my stock dirtbike rim, will I need to use the tube regardless of the tire?

And how much harder is it to get on tires that are designed to run tubeless than tires meant for tubes?

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