Dual Sporting a TT-R 125LE

So I've been mulling the idea of a dualsport in my head for a while now, and finding out that I'd only need head light tail light and a horn to do it makes things even better. I want this thing to be bare bones since it's going to see alot more dirt than it will pavement. It'll basically be used to run from school and back or to the supermarket or whatever. No highway speeds. I've had the bike up to 45 with it straining but most roads in my town are 35-40 which is do-able.

So, my problems are, i don't want to have to spend the extra money to wire a switch up for lights, would that be hard on the battery in my bike to have it running all the time? My dad's head light on his XR 600 does, but it's wired to the stator?

Another thing I'm kind of worried about is plate placement. I don't want to have a mangled up plate on the back of my bike. How do your plate fair if you ever go down?

Thanks a ton!


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