xr400 1996..

Hey all I wanted to see how easy it would be to dual sport this bike...??

does it have a battery?

No battery. It's alternating current only. This will still work, but you'll have stuff happen like the headlight dim when you hit the brakes, turn signal, horn, whatever. The horn works pretty crappy on AC. Of course, nothing works with the bike off. This might be a problem in your state. Emissions stuff may also be an issue where you live.

With that said, it's very easy to convert to DC. Common voltage regulators for large riding mowers with electric PTOs will convert your AC to DC, and the addition of a small 12v battery will smooth out the voltage spikes when turning on accessories. If you're broke or cheap (or both), a couple of R/C car battery packs strapped together can run turn signal, brake, and horns for a reasonable amount of time.

If you ride any appreciable amount of time on the street, regearing will probably be necessary unless you're only on the road to connect different trails. Frankly, I've got the thing geared at the extreme end of the spectrum, running 16/40 sprockets and a street bike tire. This allows be to do 70 mph at about 5800ish rpm, the motor isn't screaming. A lot of stop-starting can wear the clutch though, I feel mine is getting weaker. Yes, I ride it on single track like this, street tire and all, you rarely need to shift, just do a lot of clutch work.

Titling it can be a bitch. Do you have the Certificate of Origin? That was crucial in VA, it's converted to a title, the d/s mods are done, reciepts saved, photos taken, all of this and a check for $100+ is sent to the law enforcement division of DMV, who sends an officer out to inspect it and make sure it's not built from stolen parts, he rubber stamps it and you get a title that allows you to register it then get plates. THEN you can get it inspected. Pain in the ass, but it just takes patience.

Oh, you're from Cali.

No idea.

Everyone from Cali asks this, and the system over there is so convoluted, you'll have to wait until a fellow statesman chimes in .

I now live in az.

mine not dual sported, but im cheap and converted mine to a DC system. bought a rectifier from radio shack (only a few bucks) and wired it in using the stock head light wires, then ran the DC side to 2 RC car batteries i mounted under the seat. from those batteries i ran wires up to a switch then to my HID head light and GPS.

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