I need help with a new bike

I race 250 C class on a 2008 YZ125 and the competition just kills me with their 250F’s and sometimes 250 two strokes (new amateur rule)

I need some advice, whether I should continue racing my 125 and just mod it, or get a 250/250F? I’ve rode this 125 for 3 years now, and i enjoy the two stroke. I also have a brother who has a yz250f which i’ve rode plenty of times. They’re both good in their own ways, but as far as racing and having fun, what would you suggest?

I would buy a 250 2t, unless you want the high maintenance of a 250F.

I was in the same boat with my 2006 YZ 125. My advice would be to keep and mod it. Get your engine ported and polished and matched to a pipe/ silencer combo. Get it jetted to match and have the suspension dialed in to your skill and track.

You are still a "C" class rider and that 125 is helping you improve your skill all over the track regardless of your finishing position. Trust me! Then, when you catch up to the 250's and start placing top three, consider moving up to a 250 2 stroke. You will blow right out of the "C" class and end up being competitive in the "B" class.

My YZ 125 was a different animal after the mods and had no trouble hole shot-ing or keeping up with the 250 4 strokes. Don't even think about the 250 2 strokes compared to your 125...not even close, so measure yourself against the 4 stroke dudes.

When they started running the 125 two stroke only class in MN. I talked my son into trying it out. He had not even ridden a 125 for 7 years only yz250 2Ts. That same day a friendly rival from thier youth racing days also signed up for the class on a borrowed bike. They dropped the race with plus 25 A and B who are some pretty good riders mainly on 450s. Guess who went around the first corner in first and second. They proceeded to pull away and had a great battle just like the old days. Just saying a 125 can do the job in local amatuer racing.

Thank you all for the advice. This is all good to know. I’ve been a little confused though, already being 17 seeing my buddies getting all these bigger bikes. As far as racing though, this is all really knowledgable, thank you!

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