Setting up my latest dirt scooter.

Ok so as some of you know I quit racing in 04 and went all "XR" on everyone. Ok it was kinda fun. But after spending real money on the engine, susp, etc. I just could not get the bike to handle like I desired. Short story sold a very clean xr400 done up nice for cheap.

I ended up going back to a 450. I did some reading and decided to go with an 08 CRF450. First ride I was in love (with conditions). If I can get the tall front end feel to work, if I can get the fast revs down and put a little more of the monster down low I think I may propose.

This leads me to my initial question. Flywheel weights. I have used them in the past with success on an old 03Yami 450 that had an off idle hit like Joe Frassier. A 12oz weight made the bike more ridable. Any one here running any weight?

Love to year your advice.

Thanks a bunch! Spode.

Steahly makes a pretty big weight for that engine. So does trail tech. Between that and getting the fuel screw dialed correctly, that thing will pull like a tractor off the bottom.

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