Acerbis - Storm

Anyone bought a set of these for thier DRz?

I like the removable/extendable "spoiler" which should block the vent off nicely in winter. However on inspection I fail to see how these can mount to the bars with out either:

a: Been so far along due to brake res and switchgear that they'lll only protect my index finger.

b: Having to relocate/replace the lever perches and switch gear.

I'll try get some pics up to clarify but this seems like a massive design oversight.

I don't know about the Acerbis Storm, but I bought the Acerbis Rally Pro and added the "spoilers". The spoilers are removable with a screw driver. Really helps cut down on wind and rain. Great for the winter. I didn't have to make any changes to the handlebars or switches. They just bolt right up.



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