What makes a MX Track good?

So my dad has given me a little bit of land, we are getting dirt from the council and we got 2 tractors to use to makes jumps or whatever.

So im ready to make a design but want to know what YOU think makes a mx track good?

Whats your favorite part of your track that you go to?

id say:

-nice moist, mixed up dirt

-good burms

-you dont need to put a jump on EVERY straight either, have a few plain straights.

-nice smooth jumps, if you have hills try to use them as much as you can, it gives the track a way better feel.

Mix it up with as much as you can, Good safe smooth jumps a little elevation change is great if the lay of the land permits. sand for natural sand whoops. and put a section in that you fear/have the most trouble with so you can practice it heaps. Berms, flat turns high speed straight. should do ya.

Sand. Lots and lots of sand. Look up pictures of RedBud.

above all i think a track needs flow, no choke points, everything should keep you moving

above all i think a track needs flow, no choke points, everything should keep you moving

This would be correct. Most tracks around here are way to tight, I'm talking 3rd gear max on a 250f. Build you a track that has good flow and allows you to carry alot of speed and you'll be set.

if its natural, make it a natural track. eleavation changes are not only fun, but awesome for your fitness. drop offs and step ups are awesome, but if you can, add a little bit of supercross in it to. on my track i only have a little slope in the land so mine has to be supercross style, but where there is slopes, i take advantage of them. lastly, build jumps you want to do but havent yet. if i didnt hae my track at home, i would be the worst rider in the world. one day i made a 30ft double.( id never done a double before in my life) it was sitting on the track for about 3 months not getting used because i was scared. then one day, my dad got home from work early and came to watch me. i hadnt told him i havnt jumped it yet, so i just pinned it. i landed perfectly, and now ive got a 65 ft double on my track. you will improve out of sight, but hard work and practice is what you need. you only get out what you put in.

Unfortunately the land is pure flat.

So im guessing its a supercross style track for me. Do you prefer doubles or tabletops? Since its near a fence and since i hit afence pole and snapped my wrist off in january this year im going to have a straight there :ride: then probably a big jump on the final straight to be the finish kind of.

What else should i put? I fixed my bike today and after 5 months of not starting and the damn thing had a flat battery. We had to tow it behind my quad to get it started :lol:, now that its fixed anyway ill ride down tomorrow and take a picture of the area. Its really small though.

if you can get some scrap ply wood and put it against the fence then you wont have to worry about it

my uncles track is pretty small but its really fun. its got a step down and a step up going up this hill he has. its a nice track but just needs to be groomed more and widened

The words "Flow and Smooth" do NOT belong in the same sentence with MX. That's for TT.

Its your track, do whatever YOU like. make the jumps fit your comfort zone. No matter what you make you'r going to love it! Back home in norcal my buddy and I built and arenacross track with No flow what so ever at his house, but it's all we had room for and we have a blast every time we ride ride it.

its up do you man, if you have big enough machinery, you can always build a tabletop, then once you get comfortable with the you can take the middle out to make it a double, then with the dirt you removed you can go and make another big or small double :ride:

\ then with the dirt you removed you can go and make another big or small double :lol:

Haha i never thought of that, its a really great idea and i most certainly will be doing that.

Anyone else have some favourite parts of your mx track? And besides flow and smooth what else should i think about when designing it?


oh one more thing make the lanes wide enough so you can atleast take 2 different lines. i had a 1 line track to start with and it got boring fast. also if you have friends over it makes it nearly impossible to pass. 2 lines is good, 3 lines is great :ride:

a large, yet fairly easy "finish line" jump my favorite track ever had a 65ft finish line jump, it was a step-up style table, but the landing was like 50ft long so you could just float it and not have to be perfect every time. my ideal track would have a few medium length tables (45-60ft) a double double rhythm (about 40ft @ each double), that 65ft finish line, a 80ft triple (with a very rounded 3rd landing so its very safe) about a 50ft catapult and a fun whoop section in a long straightaway

I would say safety is the key when designing a track, peaked landings are a no-go, you gotta round them things off, that is where I see most people get hurt, if you come up a foot short on a nice rounded landing you will ride out of it, maybe bounce down it, but if its peaked you are taking a trip over the bars. and the landings should be pretty forgiving, nice and long, another mistake I see alot of track makers make, the landings end up looking like take-offs


Anyone else??

Two words: "elevation change". :ride:

Everytime I look at hilly pasture ground around here I can't help but think of how I could build a motocross track out there.

my idea of the best type of track is one thats not gonna be shut down by the neighbors within a year, seems like we cant keep a track going to save our lives around home

I was wondering what you guys think a rough land lot size you would need to make a small (yet rideable, i don't mean some tiny thing:p) track would be? it would have to be sx style, flat as hell out here:P

ive been looking into it making a small track to practice on, my gfs dad has a few chunks of land nearby as well as his friends that don't get used.

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