Fork guards difference/alike '08-'11

Anyone who has owned/owns a 08-10 and a '11 ?

I got a '11 sx250 and was unlucky about mounting a aftermarket holeshot device. (search if u wanna read the previeous thread).

My question is if there is any difference in diameter inside the wrap style fork guards 09 contra 11 ? that could interfere with a holeshot device. Mine interfered and caused me to go over the bars on a tabletop... To me they look just the same and aftermarket guards are tagged "fits 08-11" (example polisport). My guess is that the guards are identical by size etc... The distributor of this product claims that it fits just fine on 08-09 models and the new bikes' fork guards has less space inside the guards, and this caused the problem... I have at this time no 08-09 bike on hand to compare to my'11..

Now I don't dare to run holeshot devices anymore, and mounted '06 guards on my '11. They fit right on and can be removed without taking half the bike apart... :ride:

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