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ASV lever chewing up clutch cable?

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Not sure if anyone else has had the same issue, but I put on an ASV unbreakable lever on my WRR 14 months ago( on the original perch ) and for some reason i have now chewed through 2 clutch cables in a year, both at the same point on the cable about an inch from the nib. Its almost like someone sliced through the cable with a saw. its a very clean cut. I cant for the life of me explain why as it doesnt seem to snag on anything although the asv lever does have sharper edges than the stock one and a different angle. I cant really say that i had it set up with a lot of tension either.

Anyone else had this issue?

If not and you have an ASV lever, maybe a good idea to take a look at the cable to make sure its fine and not get stuck 100 miles from home on a trail without a working clutch....

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