What do i look at when buying?

Hi, well im going tomorrow to look at a 1998 kx125 and probably buy, im new to this and its my first bike, what should i look at Before i buy?


it seems obvious, but check the oil if they cant keep that right then the rest of it probably aint that good. see if you u can run a compression test, Definately ride the bike for atleast 20 minutes and listen for any rattling or pinging sounds. if you cant drive it put it on a stand and check each gear. If youve owned 125's before consider the difference between the one your looking at and the one you had(if you go and look and its alot slower it may have low compression). check the shifter and pegs for wear if they said it has low hours and theres lots of wear on the pegs they probably lied. definately very carefully check for any signs of oil leaks.(you dont wanna be out on the trail and run outa oil!). If your mechanically intelligent you should be ok, if not bring a freind/And google search what to look for when buying a used dirt bike.

Also: Look around the fork seals for any oil, they will be expensive to replace if leaking. Look at the chain and sprockets for excessive wear, again pretty expensive parts. If you don't know how to tell if a chain is stretched beyond use then take along someone who does. A knowledgeable friend can save you lots of money. Do you want to ride this bike tomorrow or spend some time working on it first? Some guys love to work on their bikes almost as much as riding them. Look at the wheels, are they straight or are the rims dinged - bent- wobbly? Can you ride those tires or do you need new ones immediately? You can drop a couple hundred bucks getting new tires mounted. And how beat up does the bike look? Any dirt bike will show some wear on the plastics and pipe, but you want to think twice if it looks all dented and torn up.

Check the air filter....Make sure it has one, and that it looks clean and has been kept oiled.

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