97 rm 250

Looking at buying a 250cc 2-stroke, found a 97 RM 250 for $1200 here. Guy says:

97 Suzuki RM 250

Very Good Condition. Starts Easy, Runs Great, Very Fast. Ready to Ride.

I purchased the bike late last summer. Fresh Top End just before I purchased it.

Anything anyone can tell me about the 97 year bikes? Good, bad? Anything I should specifically look for if I go to look at it? I'm a little hesitant to buy a bike that old, but the price seems good and if it has a fresh top end?

They were known for having a slow engine and also having a skaty rear suspension but it was a very fun bike. At 15 years old it will not be an investment but it could be an good way to learn and get into the sport.

Well it's not my first bike, for the record I'm 5'11 and 175 lbs. I had a KLX300R that I beat the snot out of for a while, but after it went I decided on a 2 stroke. Maybe I'll just keep my search mainly focused on CRs and KXs.

Parts availlability is not guaranteed on any 10+ years old bikes so back ordered parts may be a problem if you have a odd mechanical problem. Fortunately, ebay comes cheap for almost any used part you might need. In my opinion a RM is more fun to ride because the handling is just way ahead of others. For that money though, i hear of many 2002-2004 bikes going for just as cheap. The 04 is a flawless bike in my opinion.

The 97s had a neat, functional 3pc powervalve that used a steel valve instead of an alum valve (as was used in a 96 and 98+ motor). Very durable. Power was average at best, but still way above your KLX. Typical Suzuki trait: the clutch is weak. If it creeps forwards when in gear, then the clutch basket is worn. This is a common RM habit. We put up with it b/c the bikes are good!

49mm conventional Showa forks are GREAT once they are freshened up (bushings, seals and oil). Comparable to modern forks, IMO. Rear shock could be better.

As said above, don't expect to walk into a dealer and find parts on the shelf. Ebay is your pal here. Tough to find graphics. The "barn door" 99-00 shrouds bolt right up.

If it is clean, 1200 may not be too bad. Look at common sense items (tires, fork seals, drivetrain, bars, etc...

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