Head Studs: Dry, Oil, Locktite?

What do you generally put on cylinder head studs when you install?

Dry, oil, anti-seize, locktite, sealer....???

I mean for dead-end holes, not water jacket.

Dry and clean on the head. No goo

i put some oil on the threads. Pretty sure this is recommended

Anti-seize or assembly oil.


I think the OP means when you install the stud into the cases or the barrel, not mounting the final head nuts. Clean, dry threads with a drop of red loctite.

Head nuts (or bolts if not nuts), depends on what the service manual calls for. Ususally it is either dry or engine oil only.

If you lubricate (any) the bolts and torque it to spec, youll be putting more force on it than called for. Unless its called for, never lube a bolt that is supposed to be torqued.

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