Cost of a Radiator

Anyone know the cost of a right side radiator for my 450? I crashed (basicly fell over) in a rut field. I was only going about 15mph but my radiator sled on the top of a rut and my bars fell in another. I bent it up pretty good. I am defenitly going to follow Indy 450's advice and do both the gaurds and braces. It sure sucks that they bend that easy. :)

I think a new one is about $ 300.

check out

it's a place called myler's.

they can fix it. :)

One more thing. The radiator put a small dent in the head pipe. Is that bad? :)

did the same thing to my head pipe. made a block off plate for the engen side with a 1/8 pipe tap in the center. atached a regulator to it at a 10 lb presser .used a hose clamp and an old inner tube on the other end . the heated the dinted part to red with oxy acet. and no more dint.

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