Help KDX 200 C1 shifting

Hi, I have a restored 86 KDX 200. It still had the original clutch, started to slip. No problem, I have a pretty low hour parts bike that the flywheel went out of, I had stripped it down last year. I pulled the side cover off and switched the clutch basket. Reassembled, clutch felt good, reached over to check the shifter, nothing, it can move all the way up and way down and just click at the very bottom like it want to shift but won't. I haven't added oil yet, I don't want to just dump it out yet to take off the cover again. Any ideas? Thank you

Ok...update. It's fine with e cover off, or before I torque it down. As soon as I do, I beleive the shift assembly behind the cover is binding against it. I was using gasket maker? Does it need the spacing of a gasket. Seems awfully tight?? Any ideas? Thanks

Yes, it needs the gasket. You may have noticed that there is a flat round spot that the shifter stops against on the inside of the cover when the that cover is on. With the gasket, there is just the right amount of clearance to allow the shifter not to bind.

Yes. It needs the gasket.

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