SACBEE - Quit Taking Money from the OHV Trust Fund?

They have been at it for years. I believe the "eco influence" wants to crowd offroaders together to show the damage from concentrated user impacts. Then shut them down one after another.

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Funny I've seen the OHMVR Commissioners being used by their appointers lately to float Tax increases, taking land for money owed etc, well personally I'll entertain creative ways to help the State dig themselves out of the hole they dug after meeting a massive requirement, which is to simply STOP DIGGING:ride:

They latest flat out "take" not a loan of OHV operations money not just left over money they wont let us spent clearly crosses the line, I also have stated publicly I would find some way for our Elected leaders to have some of their own skin in the game and I now have an idea:smirk:

OK simple they have till tomorrow to pass a budget or start forfeiting their own pay, Steinberg said the Voters told us to pass a budget by June Sixteen I believe he said, I say we use the Courts to clarify something to Mr Steinberg which is we meant a LEGAL budget by June sixteen:bonk:

Bottom line is we file suit to have the State Finance Director withhold Legislators pay because they failed to pass a Legal budget, all over them being stupid enough to take Ten Million in Operations money from out OHV program that wont make any difference to the big picture anywhay:banana:...TJ

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Just a thought but maybe since the state is taking the money but still closing parks, we could forgive the money loaned if they give us some of that park land to ride on. Make it more of a purchase. I know this will never happen though.

The Problem with looking at Parks land is much of it is by Nature ether highly Culturally and or of Natural resource value, which makes them poor candidates for SVRA consideration much of it donated to Parks earmarked for preservation. This idea could have merit for other lands the State may own however the Ten Million Dollar "take" presents a new problem, which is Division will now not have the resources to do anything with even the best land the State can offer.

So again unless the State re-evaluates the Ten Million Dollar "take" of operations money the idea in my opinion is off the table, for the record this year they want to draw an additional $21 Million Dollar "loan" despite not paying back any of the recent $112 Million all ready "borrowed"????

The new Ten Million Dollar "take" will bring the total to $143 Million Dollars with Ten Million NEVER to be paid back, also the ten Million Dollar "take" will be ongoing making any use of new land impossible...TJ

Looks like the final score is SB 84 "borrows" 21 Million dollars and SB 87 "takes" yes takes 10 Million Dollars and don't even try and call it anything else:banghead:

Total hit for this year alone "unofficially" is 31 Million Dollars, of which 10 Million unarguably crosses the line only question here is will the organizations claiming to represent us:banana:do anything about it:foul:...TJ

Well at the last Commission meeting it was not put in these words exactly but as far as Parks and OHV goes looks like there's really only two options, which are to get away from Park all together or turn the tables on the anti access people and take Park over all together...TJ:smirk: