1997 RM125 Clutch cable compatibility

I bought my nephew a 1997 RM125 a few months ago. I have the engine torn down right now for a full rebuild and I also noticed that it needs is a clutch cable (burned through where it rested against the pipe). 1998-2000 RM125 clutch cables are cheaper than one for a 1997 on RMATV. Most parts are listed as 1996-2000 for these bikes but I can't find anywhere why the cable is just listed as 98-00.

I spent a lot on this bike already for him so I need to save money where I can :ride: . But if it won't fit I am not wasting money on it even if it is less expensive.

Just to answer this question since it appears I wasn't the only one that didn't know the answer due to the lack of replies here. NO, a 1998 RM125 clutch cable will not work on a 1997 RM125 :-)

The arm and cable at the engine are different. 1997 uses a cable with an end just like up at the lever. 1998 is just a small end since apparently Suzuki changed the clutch arms at the engine between the 2 years.

have you checked on ebay ? i just brought one from there i hope its the right one now that you've said that ....

Yeah I did. Some said 96-00 and some said 98-00 that's why I figured I'd take a chance on the '98 one from RMATV since it was cheaper (about half price). Oh well, now I know, I won't make that mistake again :ride: .

the one i brought was 95 to 97 and was $17.80

hey, im having the same type of concern, i already bought a cable for a 03, and i have a 97 rm 125 as well.. just wondering if there are mods you can do to make it work? or is buying this cable completely a waste of money/time.. thanks hope to figure this out asap :p

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