Bar to Bar DVD's

Anybody got a good place to get all of them? I recently lost a couple movies, and one of them was 2005. I've always wanted all available years, but never really found a good place to get them. I've seen some of them advertised for unreal $$, so I'm just trying to get in the know.

I know this is a little late, but I have Bar to Bar 2005 and 2006 on DVD. I'll ship both to you (lower 48 US) for $20 via Paypal. I've been thinning out my collection and have these last two dvd sets. Also have Supercross Classics DVD (83-89 I think). Let me know if you are still interested. At any rate, happy riding! Braaap!


Just sent a reply to your DM. Thanks for the note.



Just sent an updated message to you. Both Bar to Bar DVSs (05 & 06) are available. I also have Supercross Classics 83-89 as well if anyone else wants to chime in. Slakkinhard, it's all yours for now!



Make sure they are the "right" movies, not your homemade collection.......:banghead:

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