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TE450 overheating cured??????

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Usually, I search for answers to my problems. This time I hope to help other riders. I've been fighting overheating on my 2006 TE450 since it was new. I ran engine ice, stock radiators and silicone hoses through last year. I always stay off the clutch and powershift the majority of the time. Still the bike would pee on my leg. The coolant would gurgle whenever I would stop. I also think that running so hot prematurely hardens the oring in the clutch slave and other parts.

So, this Spring I decided to fix the problem once and for all. I didn't want to spend over $600 for the oversized radiators from England. I ended up nervously purchasing two new oversized radiators on eBay from China ($230 delivered)and a new fan for a TE610. I also bought a Derale fan control kit and plumbed the 1/8 NPT 190C thermostatic swith into the cross-over tube between the radiators.

The new China Radiators arrived quickly and looked incredible, about twice as thick. They are even semi-polished. I didn't allow my self to get excited, because I was still worried about fitment and leaks. To my surprise they bolted right up. I was also able to reuse my Rooster Rad. guards and mount the TE610 fan mount without much hastle. The new rads. filled up Rooster Guards. The hoses went onto the new radiators easier than the stock ones.

Test ride. I went out with the new set-up with my wife in her RZR and my son learning how to clutch on his new KX85. SLOWWWWWWW ride this past weekend. The bike ran super. I didn't lose a drop of coolant. Typically I have to add a little before every ride. The crazy part is that the fan never came on. I triple check the wiring and everything is perfect. If I jump the Thermo switch the fan goes right on. So, maybe the radiators alone would have done the job.

I know, I know....no pix. Sorry, but you get the point. I'm sure you can find the Radiators, if you want. I can't tell you how nice it is to not have to worry about a hot wet leg or being stranded.

Happy trails. :ride:


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