1999 RM250 problems

I recently replaced the rings in the top end of the bike. Since I did that the bike started out sputtering but not real bad. I was thinking it was jetting and so I did some rejetting(not the problem). The bike continues to get worse now it spits and sputters and shuts off but only does it once the bike gets hot(runs great till it gets hot). I now notice anitfreeze coming out the overflow tube not sure if its been doing it since the rings or not. Before I did the rings the bike ran good no problems. What could my problem be? I am thinking water pump but I hate to split the cases and that not be it. Any way to check water pump out before splitting cases? Any other suggestions what the problem could be? Help please I am stumped.:ride:

You torqued the head down evenly? May be warped head that is pushing pressure into cooling system and gets worse when hot. Just a guess.

Run it with the rad cap off, see if the fluid bubbles

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