so I got the wrong size rear tire...

I messed up and didn't realize the D952 does not come in 110/100-18, I ordered the 110/90-18 inadvertently (I installed it anyhow).

It looks skinnier, which I don't mind that much unless I'm going to loose a bunch of performance. I feel that a skinnier tire might actually help turn a little better like it does on the street, does the same principle apply in the dirt?

or did I just F myself until I wear this tire out?

I've had some oddballs on a couple of my bikes, and honestly it didn't make much difference (at my level, because I'm not a professional or anything).

The 110 is tire section width in mm. The second number, 90, is tire section height, a percentage of 110. So 90% of 110 is 99. Height then is 99mm. That's an 11mm height difference between the tire you got and the 110/100 you wanted.

It will be fine, run it.

I have the same size tire on my 250 2t (they were on clearance, didn't want to pay $75 more for a little bigger tire). I have had no problems with it except for that I ran out of tire (tread) when I leaned it over too far on a TT track. 0 problems on a MX track or trail, just can't lean over quite as far, I think I may actually prefer the skinnier tire in rocks and tight stuff

artight cool, that make me feel a bit better, thanks guys

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