XR400 piston pin bearing

Anyone know the piston pin bearing part number for a XR 400. I can't seem to find it on any parts fisch. Is it a caged needle bearing. I ordered a wiseco piston kit and I am not sure if one comes with it or not. Do they fail often. I never replaced one on a 2 stroke sled unless they were ran out of oil. Most engine shops around here do the same. If I can find a part number I would order one just to have on hand when the time comes for the tear down.

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I meant to say piston pin bearing for the upper rod end.

You're right, the parts fiches don't show the bearing. It's most likely a part of the rod end/crank assembly. You might call Service Honda http://servicehonda.com/index.php and talk to someone about just the bearing. They may have parts references that we don't see online.

You could also just wait til teardown and take it to a local bearing house and match it.

Hey Guys, I just took mine down Tuesday, bored to 88mm and reassembled on Wednesday... The parts fiche is correct. There is No bearing in the piston pin.


Perc is correct... rod, pin, piston

The overwhelming majority of 4 stroke engines don't use wrist pin bearings or even bushings for that matter.

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