How do you get 2009 CRF450r to start great ?

I just purchased a 2009 CRF450r that has low hours with the intent to convert it to a Snow bike ( Timbersled Mountain horse kit ) and I bought the bike because of the feul injection and thought it would be better at alltitude riding. The question is what is the best mods to help the bike start like the 2009 KX450 ? The bike can take up to 5 kicks to start and the valves a within specs. I thought about sending my throttle body to Injectionering but have seen some bad feedback on his return of product. Any suggestions would be appretiated.

I've been wanting some info on making the fuel injected Hondas start better too. I'm coming from an 09 KX450 also, and the Hondas dont start near as easy as the Kawi did. I got a new 2011 Honda 450 for motocross and three weeks later picked up a 2009 Honda 450 that the guy rode two times. The 09 model was intended to be my practice and hare scramble bike but I have to find a way to make it start better or to work for the woods. The dead engine starts aren't fun if your bike doesn't start easily, and it really sucks when you stall it 2 hours into a race. Seemed to take forever to get it re-started. The 2011 doesn't really start any easier. Both bikes have less than 5 hours on them right now. Any info on getting them to fire up easier would be greatly appreciated.

Is having the throttle body reworked a good option to improve starting ?

I heard amazing things about the TB mod. I have heard some bad feed back as well but if you live in so cal just drop it off and pick it up. MXA mag did a review of it and they said it helped with starting and with over all performance. When I get mine I'll be driving there my self.

We had ours remapped by Eddie Sisneros, starts easy hot or cold.

Anyone in New England looking to get their bike remapped send me a message. I have a ton of maps and the tools to do it. Helps a lot with starting!!

I wish I could drop it off but I live a little north of his shop ( Injectionering ) in the northwest corner of Montana. Has any heard of another company that does throttle body mods ? I've heard that the remap of the ECU is not enought to get it right, Is that true ?

We had ours remapped by Eddie Sisneros, starts easy hot or cold.

Does your 09 with a remap different from stock in it's starting and overall performance ? How much does it cost to have Eddie remap a ECU ?

Its so weird that some bikes start easy and some don't.

My 11' has 8 hours on it and it starts within 3 kicks when its cold, and usually 1 MAYBE 2 kicks when its warmed up. Stock mapping, has a yoshi full exhaust.

The key with these bikes is not fast kicks, nice medium speed full kicks is the key

Eddie Sisneros around $60.......Bikes has a 100 hours on it, starts 3rd kick.

I wish Honda could figure out what Kawasaki is doing with there 450's I rode a 2011 with over 150 hrs and you could start it by hand ( did it three different times ) great running bike to. But I wanted a Honda so here I am trying to get it to start good , thanks for all the feed back I will try a remap and remember the starting techniques recomended.

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