Need Ultra quiet exhaust

I have a 250X with a drilled out baffle that is perfectly fine for typical Enduro use. I have some exploring to do that requires ultra quiet stealth exhaust. I dont want to spend big bucks on a zippity do dah new system. I want to mod what I have and hopefully not have to rejet. Any success stories someone can share? Thanks.

Not going to happen. If you cork the exhaust, you have to rejet.

Some companies do offer 'quiet inserts' but they are typically no quieter than your OEM system. If you want quiet, you need a XR/TTR/DR muffler and have an adapter fabricated.

I have never heard what a stock CRF250X muffler sounds like. How quiet is it?

LOL, not possible to accurately show you via the internet. You'll have to hunt one down and listen yourself.

Obviously not but compared to your recomendation of a stock XR,TTR,DRZ?

I am trying to read betweeen the lines. Not that I approve of what I think you want to to do, but that does not matter.

For sure, a X muffler will be noiser than a XR/TTR/DR one. A step quieter would be a street bike muffler.

Sort of goes: Race Bike-Woods Bike-Trail Bike-Street Bike

DB SNorkel... I put one on my 300 and it is extremely quiet.. no rejet either..

No such thing as a potatos/insert or other device that does not affect jetting. Does not exist. If it did, all bikes would use them. You have to lean the bike out and you loose power. Fact of life.

But I have heard they work. I did not know they made them for 4S too though.

Here is what you do, Big thumb screw, you know the ones with a washer on the end you can easily twist with your fingers. You know, these things.


You mount that in your end cap. buy drilling a hole and fastening a nut on either side (wing nut on outside). Then you can adjust the angle of the thumb screw to adjust the sound level and torque. I didn't invent it, its an old trick. Basically like putting a throttle butterfly in your exhaust.

If you're too cheap to go to lowes and hunt down the appropriate bolt, you can just use a regular one and stack washers under it, it wouldn't be trail adjustable though.

If you wanna get really advanced you could make a complicated butterfly system attached to a second throttle cable. Make more usable power than any other system.

DB SNorkel... I put one on my 300 and it is extremely quiet.. no rejet either..

That is made for 2 strokes not 4's.


I remember doing that! It is just the ticket (or lack thereof) to do a quickie jaunt, say to save you a 30 mile on road ride.

Here is a web site (harley, not that is matters) that explains the concept)

Remnds me of when I lived in Denville, NJ. I could be within walking distance of my house, but traffic was so bad, it could take an hour. Over the curb, between some warehouses, up a killer dirt hill, 1/4 mile of woods and I was home. I was riding an XT350 so it was quiet enough.

Hot rodders would put the the thumnb screw/washer in thier pipes so 'the man' would not hassel them.

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