2007 450 Aftermarket Cams

I was wondering which ones would give the most top end gain? I really do not mind losing low end pull. In fact I would like the power spread to be more two-stroke like. My son has a honda superhawk v-twin sportbike. The cam gears bolt on. He slotted the gears and degreed them for more top less bottom and it worked great. Has anyone tried anything like this on a yz 450?

Hot Cams makes an intake cam for the YZ450 that can be degreed by loosening the bolts that mount the sprocket to the cam. The exhaust cam does not lend itself to this kind of thing well because of the auto decompression mechanism. The pin that lifts the valve is built into the cam shaft, so when the cam timing is changed, the point at which the exhaust valve is reseated is also changed. Move it too much, and you'll have either too much compression to kick it, or too little to start it.

The '08-'09 cams are ground and timed for higher RPM than the '07 is, and there are aftermarket cams built for that, also. In some extreme cases, the duration and timing of grind is radical enough to reduce the cranking compression to the point where decompression is not required for starting, but those are cams for big dirt tracks, etc.

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