Someone's cheating!!!

Owner info: Witheld to protect the innocent.:ride:

Box Destination: Some part of the Country. Not "Dja-b00ty."


Okay who's getting a 470?

hmmmmmm. is there a fire breathing SSW motor in there?

I could tell you guys though, it's not the owner of a big online motorcycle parts & accessories store like Bikebandit, because I saw his bike at the dealer last week.:ride:


Sorry, just 440. The box would have said "top secret" with a stroker. Maybe next year...

Pssh, who am I kidding. For sure next year.

We missed you Clowns at Squid Row last night.:lol:

Ren & I pulled up at the light, next to an Icon vest wearer dude with spikes on his helmet. He was lolli-gagging when the light turned green, so I obliged to pass him on my right and brought the back-end around into the driveway right in front of him. I saw Ren laughing when he was taking his helmet off.:lol: We both wondered what the Squidaroo thought of that!:ride::lol:

All I know is that it isn't going into my DRZ.

Which sucks.

Cuz I wish it was.

Why are you telling them what your doing for me??? Geeeez :ride:

Your going to love that 440!

Your going to love that 440!

Stop, the anticipation is killing me!:ride:

I have a box like that in my shed too. But it is yet to be shipped to the master.

Santa should be stopping by the house today...:ride:

Santa should be stopping by the house today...:ride:

Not if Santa heard my special request.:lol:

hmmmmmm. is there a fire breathing SSW motor in there?

Uhhh, first.... Thanks Eddie for epic service! There are very few companies that provide the customer service that he and his shop provide so props to you and your staff.

The first thing I noticed when my crate came back 12 hours ago was that in my haste, o forgot to put screws into the bottom of the floor board and had become very weak so the motor was rattling around. To my surprise, the only noticeable damage was to the valve cover... No big, I have extras.(perhaps I can get another custom decal). After a long night of getting the freshie back in, I took her out on the street and lighting her up ay 430 am... Everything sounded good. So I hopped on her and took a quicky around the block and all I can say in my delirious state of mind is....... :thumbsup:


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