Oil ?

Can castrol full syn. edge be used in this bike(klx 450r)?

Do not put automotive oil in your motorcycle. The additives in the oil are harmful to your clutch. Most automotive oil is also not designed for high-rpm use.

For a cheap reliable oil change, grab a gallon of Honda GN-4 10w40 or Yamalube 10w40. If you want to go full syn I recommend Maxima Extra.

Hope that helps


The heavy duty diesel oils can be a good choice. Rotella T6 synthetic 5/40 is even MA rated and its cheap.


Torco 10-40 full synthetic here. I run car oil in my car and motorcycle oil in my KLX. I would rather spend 15.00 dollars a quart for piece of mind rather than 1500.00 to rebuild the motor.:ride:

Mobile1 4T Synthetic, no worries here

Mobile1 4T Synthetic, no worries here

+1 mobil synthetic for motorcycles. You can buy at Auto Zone

Mobile1 0W40 1800 miles No clutch issues Got rid of the clutch 'howl' I'd had since new. Top end looked great at last valve check

ams oil 10w40 for off roading use only clutch and transmition luberkent its what i use in my 1992 cr250r

Mobil 1 MX4T 10W40, here. Now known as just Mobil 1 4T.

Motul 7100 full synthetic.

Mobile 1 4T synthetic- Works Great!

Rotella has always worked for me.

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