Ever use/hear of Worldwide Powersports in MN?

I have ordered 3 sets of plastics from them, 2 came within 4 days ( i live in PA), The other set (second set i ordered) was backordered but didnt say that on the website. After about a week i finally got ahold of the company, he was very sorry for the inconvenience, and gave me a what he had of the kit at a heavily discounted price and also gave me a discount on the third set i ordered.

I ordered some parts from Worldwide Powersports last week, and paid to have it shipped 2nd day air because I needed the parts before an event on Saturday. I have not received a shipping notice, no reply to my email, and phone calls go to a voicemail box. It is past the event so I paid extra for shipping and got screwed by them! it is a week later and I did not pay for 2nd day shipping so I would get the parts 2 days from when they felt like getting around to shipping them. AND, to top it off, there is this extra charge I did not approve called "buySafe fee", I am about to report this as fraud to my credit card company!:ride:

I still have not gotten through to them. I'm not sure the charge fully went through.

They are certainly on my 'do not use' list.


Dear memebers, Did you receive your items from worldwidepowersports.com at last or not? I ordered some things from them some days ago and I am really getting nervous. I did not get a shipping notification and they do not reply. :smirk:

I never got them on the phone or email.

I don't think my card was ever charged.


i have recieved my order

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