Dad is very happy!

Just had to mention how excited I am that my oldest daughter who has not raced with us in three years has taken me up on my offer to take her XC racing this weekend. She raced from age 11 untill she turned 19. Now at almost 23 she has decided to give it a shot again. So my race team will be complete again at least for one more race. Dad age 50 on KTM 250XC Mom age 46 on her CRF150RB, Big Sis on YZ250 smoker, and my "A" riders bubba on his YZ250F and little sis on KX100. I sure hope the bug bites my daughter again so miss her being at the races and cheering all my kids on usually as they pass me. :ride: See you guys at Boston Mountain .

You have a lot of gear to maintain!

i'm smiling and also happy for you :lol::lol::ride:

That's awesome the whole fam rides!

You have a lot of gear to maintain!

You can't assume he does all the work by himself! There are a lot of ladies (and youngn's) on here that work on their own bikes...:ride:

My youngest who rides two classes at most XC races takes care of her number swap, gas, tightens chain, checks and if necessary changes air filter. Her older sister ehhh not so much and mom forget about it..:ride:

We raced an incredibly tough course Bubba got fifth in A open, Little boo won womens class by way more than a mile. In fact she lapped second place and finished two laps up on the field of girls. Her big sis got the holeshot then crashed on huge rocky up hill worked her way back up to third then crashed on the same hill again. She managed to finish fourth. Mom lost it on the afore mentioned hill only her bike shot out into the tress with no rider took her thirty minutes to get it free and started only made one lap but still finished sixth with all the DNF's Did I mention this race was tough? Just picture racing through the highest points in the Ozark Mountains cause that's where it was. Temp in the low ninties humidity in low 90% range.

I managed to work my way up to first place in the old man class untill a guy on a 250xcf decided to lay down in front of me on a greasy uphill. (Sometimes a trials tire is not the best choice guy) I spent the rest of the day taking dirt naps all over the hill sides managed to finish 5th but could have quit on second lap as rest of the folks behind me all quit.

All in all was one brutal race I have two riders limping one cut his face and I'm weak and feeble but was a blast to have my race team back together for a weekend.

That hill sounds like no fun, but the rest sounds awesome! That is so cool!:ride:

Wish we had kids to follow in our tire tracks. Closest we can do is live vicariously through our friend's daughter who is wanting to learn to ride dirt bikes.

Enjoy and wish everyone luck for us!

You are so lucky!!!!!!!

i wish i had a family that evan supported me racing i havent race but one time and want to so bad again. Dad is just well lets just say he is not that supportive of me. :/

Thats pretty cool

i wish i had a family that evan supported me racing i havent race but one time and want to so bad again. Dad is just well lets just say he is not that supportive of me. :/

Well I'm the dad people point at in the pits and grumble various names about. I push my kids hard and demand they always give 100%. I have had many folks tell me I take the fun out of racing for my kids (usually parents who have just watched my kids destroy theirs). My youngest daughter is a monster in XC racing and a fair MX racer. She creates a buzz as she walks through the pits of people saying that's number 366 or there is that girl who rides like a boy. She works out hard everyday, runs lifts weights, watches what she eats. She is committed to being the best you can be and her confidence in life not just racing is off the charts. So maybe if you ask your Dad about racing and tell him how you are ready to commit no whinning, no I can't but I'll try's instead you might get him to understand the rewards go way beyond just racing and help shape a confident life in which you like yourself and feel that pride of being special. Tell em to email me I'll tel him the joy and pain that a racing family brings straight up honest. It is worth the sacrifice.



well if i thought it would help i would have him e mail you but he just does not want to let me race just because he can that is my dad and when he sets his mind on something that is the way it is going to be. But now as im 16 i start to drive all the time this october and then will hopefully start my career as a racer. tell your daughter i said congrats on doing so well she would be the one that laps my ass lol.

well she and my boy both whip me pretty consitantly makes me feel depressed and elated at the same time

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