First Time on a Track/Big bike

Well I went out to Bremen MX last night and did some riding. It was my first time on a legitimate track, I had been out to some of the unpreped ones at Durhamtown. Also my first time on a full size, I had just sold my supermini yesterday so my dad let me borrow his 250. Honestly I don't think I did too horrible for my first time out there on a bike I'm not comfortable on and a track that was pretty rough. I was just trying to keep it on two wheels.

Oh and last thing, that one corner where you couldn't see anything was about the same for me. For whatever reason I decided to bring my tinted goggles. :ride:

That definatly suck with tinted goggles

Yea I could barely see one big line in that corner so I just kept taking that.

Nice. That looks like a cool track. what kind of helmet cam was that?

Yea it's a pretty decent track but it's a lot bigger. They only have lights on the small section though. But I'm using a GoPro HD in 960

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