2001 wr250f

I have recently purchased a 2001 wr250f, it was a steal and in great shape, the only reason the guy wanted rid of it was because he couldnt get it started. I took it home and changed the plug and it fired up. I have already changed the exhaust cam to a 2003wr cam and it has the air box mod and the gray wire mod. Is there any thing else I should do to this bike? I run hare scambles and thought this would be a good woods bike. Thanks for any input.

Welcome to TT. There is much you can do to your new (to you) bike.

You may want to address the jetting and deal with any bog as well as add an extended fuel screw (not an alloy one, brass or stainless only).

Not sure if the pea shooter has been opened that helps a bunch.

This site:http://thumperfaq.com/

Has a bunch of things that are all free or close to free.

Use the search function. 99.99% of any question you might have has been asked and answered 100 times already. But ask if you can think of a new one!

I moved this thread to the WR forum for you too as it will get more accurate responses that way.

I've just picked up an extended fuel screw for my 01, but I'm pretty sure it's alloy - William, I assume this is a baaaad thing?? I haven't put it in yet - I'm going by your comment that I shouldn't and instead look for another?

Don't worry - (the search function is my friend.....) - found the answer. A lot of the alloy screws appear to have issues with the tip breaking and also screwing with the jetting (require leaner pilot). Will be looking for another one now .....

Thanks guys!


What are you referring to as the pea shooter? Also the feul screw you are referring to is it the one that the free mod is talking about cutting it off? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Bonebrake, I know you asked William but the pea shooter is the baffle in your muffler. It's very small and restrictive. The fuel screw is the idle mixture screw, it's on the bottom and very front of your carb. It's recessed in a hole and need a tiny screwdriver to adjust. Most people change it out to a long one so you can adjust it with your fingertips

Thanks Swede, I do have the baffle removed, and as for the fuel screw does it have any function or is it just for the idling?

It's idle mixture and it's very important. You should have black knob that physically adjusts your idle speed but the idle mixture screw adjusts the air/fuel ratio at the idle circuit but it does come into play through out the throttle position but as the throttle opens farther it's job becomes less influenced. The reason people get it is because as the weather changes or altitude changes you can reach down there and adjust it instead of getting off the bike and finding a small screwdriver that will fit up in there

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