Clutch Seal replacement?


I would like to replace the seal on the clutch level actuator on the left side crank case. I think water is getting in from that location. Coolant is not changing and also replaced the inner and outer seal of the water pump. Polish the shaft impeller to make it smooth.

So how I do pull the L shape clutch lever out from the left side case to replace the seal?



Which shaft are you talking about? The one that is inside the stator case? It should just pull out if you remove the flywheel and stator.

Where exactly are you having coolant show up? And how much is leaking?

What year and model is your bike?

It’s a 2001 KX125. I just recently replaced both inner and outer water pump seal. After 5 hours ride and 3 times washing the bike the water is milky looking again. Also during the ride, my son also encountered a 2 ft of water that might have submerge half of engine. This might also contributed water getting in the Kick Start or Clutch level shaft. The coolant is at max, NO change.

Do I really need to pull the stator? Can I just disconnected the clutch cable and rotate the shaft it 180 deg, should it pull out?



you will have to pull the clutch pressure plate and remove the pushrod from the clutch side side. then remove the clutch cable from actuating rod and then it should come out. may have to give it a good pull as it migt have grooves from old age.

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